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La Redazione
La Redazione

La redazione della Rete di Clo si occupa di reperire e studiare ogni giorno le notizie più fresche e le normative in tema di fiscalità applicata alle aziende fornendo un valido supporto a tutti coloro che debbano districarsi nel meandro delle normative italiane.

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  1. Becky 08/09/2016 04:51:44

    The recipe I use calls for two eggs in addition to the ingredients listed in the recipe. I bake my Corn Spoon read in an 11×7 inch casserole dish. It’s great paired with pinto beans. The recipe I use is com Co[ko.csm.o]

  2. Sheryl 09/08/2015 05:36:41

    Hi PhillipaThanks so much for taking the time to reeviw my book for the AWW2012. I'm glad you enjoyed it despite Caecilia's stubborn Romanness'!It's always useful to hear about formatting issues in ebooks. Another reader contacted me about this directly after downloading a version from Amazon. The file was reloaded by my publisher hopefully with all errors fixed now. Could you let me know if you bought it from another seller? It would be good to know if the goofies' were in other versions Good luck with your books! Both paper and ebook versions.CheersElisabeth

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