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La Redazione
La Redazione

La redazione della Rete di Clo si occupa di reperire e studiare ogni giorno le notizie più fresche e le normative in tema di fiscalità applicata alle aziende fornendo un valido supporto a tutti coloro che debbano districarsi nel meandro delle normative italiane.

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  1. Jonetta 08/09/2016 04:57:35

    Really? Great! Because I start school next week! It’s going to be my first year in middle school! (I just wanted to mention that my school mascot is a dolphin!! How cool is that!?) I’m actually EXCITED for school!!!! I’ll tell everyone about my first day!! (like you would care) BTW I’m also nervous about the eigth gr30drsRae; I know they’ll think they’re cooler than me.. (along with all the other sixth graders) So yeah I’M EXCITED!!!!!! -Taytay

  2. Brent 09/08/2015 17:59:07

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